Monday, October 30, 2017

Welcome to our new Blog: Educational Leadership and Social Justice In Action!

We are starting this blog as part of Southern Connecticut State University's 2017 Social Justice Month.

It is intended to be a co-created collaborative space of possibility and action where Pre-K - 12 and higher education leaders can share thoughts, actions, questions, concerns, resources, struggles, and successes related to advancing social justice in our education systems and communities.

It works like this: Send a picture or PDF of something you or your school has done to advance social justice to to be posted to this blog. Your post might:
  • help another educational leader try something similar
  • shed light on a persistent educational equity issue that not everyone is aware of
  • spark conversations among leaders and their faculty, staff, students, and communities
  • help educational leaders who need ideas about how to advance social justice efforts get ideas to really move forward